Semi Solid Semi solid deck stains will almost completely hide the wood grain and natural colorThese stains provide more UV protection than a semi transparent and are a better representation of the stain s actual color.

What s the general opinion of cabot s semi solid deck stains for decks yr old deck that was previously treated with cabot semi transparent stain about yrs ago

Semi solid stains are much like semi transparent stainshardwood truck flooring for sale except that they have a deeper color and show less of the natural wood grainThey provide longer protection and can also be tinted in nearly any color.

Is the solid stain likely to protect far longer than the semi all other things being equal Thanks is advance for your replyAs many others have indicatedhardwood truck flooring for sale this is the only online source for consistently reasonable knowledge regarding what is now a sadly complex and confusing subject.

Acrylic Solid Stain vs Oil Semi Transparent or Oil Semi solid stainThat is the decision i have to makeCabot is going to provide the product and my cedar shingle company will pay for the laborShingles were originally pre stained with two coats of oil based semi trans (new redwood color)cabot

Exterior stains typically come in two finishes semi transparent and solidSemi transparent stain allows the grain and character of the underlying wood to show through.

Solid stains offer greater wood protection than semitransparent productsUVrays are brutal on wood and are one of the main contributing factors to weathering.

Provides the same rich color as semi transparent stain while hiding some of the wood grainELITE Advanced Stain Sealant in One Semi Solid Colors Olympic Colors

Semi solid stain sounds like either a new product base on a marketing strategy to increase sales of the producthardwood truck flooring for sale or a couple of painters pouring a gallon of solid color and a gallon of semi transparent into a gallon can and stirring

Semi transparent (Film Forming) stains are mostly just a stain for marketing purposesA small amount of color pigment is added to a transparent film forming finish fortified with UV protectants (as with semi solid solid stain ).

Penetrative stains are more difficult to refinishhardwood truck flooring for sale and you may have to settle for a solid color stain on top of the older semi transparent stainSolid Color Stain These stains have been likened to a wood finishhardwood truck flooring for sale rather than a stainhardwood truck flooring for sale and that is a very accurate description.

Semi solid stains provide the same subtlehardwood truck flooring for sale yet rich color as a semi transparent stainhardwood truck flooring for sale but hide some of the wood grain while allowing the texture to showThey provide more hide for wood with imperfections.

Semi Transparent Lightly pigmentedhardwood truck flooring for sale these stains impart more color the surface than wood toner stainshardwood truck flooring for sale while still letting the wood grain to be seenView semi transparent colors Semi Solids Our unique semi solid semi opaque finish masks most of the wood grainhardwood truck flooring for sale but allows some of the wood texture to be seen.

Semi Transparent Semi Opaque Stains These stains add more colorhardwood truck flooring for sale while still showing the natural grain variation and wood colorSemi transparent stains are available

It s not the same product as semi solid or solid deck stainIf your deck is not covered and gets lots of sun and rain snowhardwood truck flooring for sale I would think every years would require a cleaning and re application of semi transparent.

SuperDeck Exterior Waterborne Semi Solid Color Stain Offers greater defense against weathering than the waterborne semi transparent stainhardwood truck flooring for sale while allowing natural

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