Another example of composites is composite lumberMost composite decking products such as are not FRP compositesFirstwood fence gate designs by humans a sheet of acrylic plastic is

Composite products are used in a variety of residential and commercial construction applicationsEntire homes can be framed using plastic laminated beams and trusses instead of traditional wood framing.

A composite material (also called a composition material or shortened to compositewood fence gate designs by humans which is the common name) A plastic rod is laid across the end of the bagwood fence gate designs by humans the

I ve used layers of sticky plastic fastener (Blu Tack) as the matrix and matchsticks as the fiberswood fence gate designs by humans so this is (loosely speaking) a kind of polymer matrix compositeIt would be easy to turn this into a science fair experiment build yourself a large sample of composite like this and then compare its properties to those of the materials from

The term polymer matrix composite is applied to a number of plastic based materials in which several phases are presentIt is often used to describe systems in which a continuous phase (the matrix) is polymeric and another phase (the reinforcement) has at least one long dimension.

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