STATEMENT OF NON PERFORMANCE (To be used for periods of time when no work is performed on construction site) Date certified payroll reportS A M P L E

Agency PerformanceGreer Johnson GillisDirector A AUS Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division Certified Payroll Form US Department of Labor Wage

This number will be successive with the payroll number listed on the previous weeks Certified Payroll Report Number or Statement of Non PerformanceInsert Information pertaining to the body of the Statement of Non Performance

Just a few minutes to enter your employees infooutdoor wood patio furniture only one time everoutdoor wood patio furniture and then every single time you need to do certified payrolloutdoor wood patio furniture the software will practically do it for you.

Weekly certified payroll reports (CPRs) shall be numbered sequentially and the final payroll marked FINAL. Statement of Non Performance Created Date

It must then be submitted by the contractor for each weekoutdoor wood patio furniture in place of a certified payrolloutdoor wood patio furniture where no work is preformed until the final certified payroll is submittedTitle

REV STATEMENT OF NON PERFORMANCE Payroll Number _____ Ioutdoor wood patio furniture _____outdoor wood patio furniture _____ do hereby state that (Name of Signatory party) (Title)

Either the certified payroll shall be annotated as No Work for that week or a Non Performance Statement must be submittedHow often are certified payroll reports produced Contractors are required to prepare their certified payroll report on a weekly basisoutdoor wood patio furniture beginning the first week that their company begins work on the prevailing wage

Department of Industrial Relations branch of payroll for the certified payroll records you are submittingnon performance. In the confirmation box

STATEMENT OF NON PERFORMANCE PAYROLL Payroll Report _____ Your Job _____ Company Name Address Phone

CONTRACTOR GUIDE TO THE DAVIS BACON ACT NAVFAC tiers submit weekly certified payrollsdFair Labor Standards Act The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Consecutive Payroll Number Date Prime Contractor Subcontractor I do hereby state that no persons were employed on the construction of the project

Davis Bacon Frequently Asked Questions Certified Payroll Page non technical guidance to help contractors and

How to Create a Certified Payroll Report The ultimate guide to avoid prevailing wage and Davis Bacon Act violations The construction industry gets hit hard by Davis Bacon Act prevailing wage prosecutions.

Department of Industrial Relations User Guide for Electronic Certified Payroll Statements of non performance If no one has worked or been paid on the project

CERTIFIED PAYROLL REQUIREMENTS I will need a Statement of Non Performance continuing the sequential (this is the Certified part of Certified Payroll)

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