When youre figuring out decking the number one concern for most people is what kind of wood to useBut what you may need to focus on first is the spacing between the deck boards.

SpacingWood swells when it is wetCheapest Patio Decking Flooring and it will also expand in warmer weatherDeck boards are best installed when dryCheapest Patio Decking Flooring and you should include at least a inch gap between any pieces that meet

Spacing Deck Boards If the deck boards are relatively dryCheapest Patio Decking Flooring use penny nails to establish the proper gaps between the boardsProper spacing allows moisture to drain off the deck between the boards.

Q Whats the ideal spacing to leave between deck boards during installation I always thought it was the thickness of a ½ inch nailCheapest Patio Decking Flooring but Ive been told to install deck boards tight because

Deck Boards space or no space I will be using x pressure treated for the deck boardspull the next board inKeep it simpleNice size spacing.

How to Build a Deck Composite Decking and RailingsStart by determining the number of posts you need and the post spacingYou should have posts by the house

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