The best thing to do is just explain as you have done here for your door to the carport tile up to the door sill and add a pc of quarter round moulding.For carpet I would put a threshold of some sort and fix your carpet against that.To go to your laminate you will need a pc of transition moulding depending on what they stock you may want to

Once the metal threshold is in placeproducts to cover outdoor concrete the top rubber seal is threaded back into the channel and youve got a brand new seal for the doorSee All Videos You May Like

In This blog we will describe how to install T bar door thresholdLaminate Flooring That way the T bar will fit nicely under the doorMeasure It

A Threshold will overlap the hardwood or laminate floor and create a defined transition to Metal Reducer transitioning from hardwood to carpet Soproducts to cover outdoor concrete you can put the laminate right under the moldingproducts to cover outdoor concrete but just make sure that

Install Laminate Flooring Under Metal against the threshold with laminate stripsproducts to cover outdoor concrete but you can cut planks down with a razor knife instead of a sawAround a Door With Laminate Flooring

When the transition from tile to laminate is under the doorproducts to cover outdoor concrete you have to make sure you will install it parallel with the doorproducts to cover outdoor concrete as to obtain a nice effectOn the market there are several types of transitionsproducts to cover outdoor concrete starting with the most common ones based on a U shaped metal track products to cover outdoor concrete up to the adjustable transition strips.

Sealing Under Door Threshold Best Technique It seems like half the time the opening is tight and whatever bead of caulk you put under there ends up getting wiped away and making a messAny trick

Guide to Basic Floor Transition StripsWhich Is Best To Self Install Sheet or Tile Vinyl Floor Do You Need Underlayment For Laminate Flooring

Squeeze a bead or three under where the thresh will go and smack it down into the glueWeight it in place overnite and you be fineattaching threshold to concrete floor Using a masonry bit

If the floor ends in a doorway with a metal threshold or it s next to a carpet held down by a metal carpet transition stripproducts to cover outdoor concrete you ll have to remove the threshold or strip to get the new flooring

In an opening with a door you want the molding to be directly under the door when the door is closedIf there is carpet outside the room where the laminate is installedproducts to cover outdoor concrete you want the carpet to stop at the door when it is closed.

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How To Remove and Replace a ThresholdUnder hoursBegin by removing your existing threshold from your doorYou ll want to first cut the old threshold with a

How To Correctly Install A Laminate Hardwood Threshold Near A BathroomLaminate and door jambs Duration How To Install Laminate Flooringproducts to cover outdoor concrete Laying your Floorproducts to cover outdoor concrete and Flooring Tools you need

but looks like threshold is tied into door jamb from the sides and at bottom underneath adjustable screwsTherefore to do that i would have to pull entire door jamb offset floor and put back door jamb and hope that the jamb will fit back in.

products to cover outdoor concrete