Metal Deck Design Manufacturers of metal decking used with Siplast Lightweight Insulating Concrete Systems publish manuals that show A roof deck system that has

What You Should Know About Your Cement Roof Deck When structural lightweight concrete is then pouredtypes of deck flooring woods the aggregate voids are loaded with water.

use of lightweight insulating cellular concrete for roof cream in appearance) into a cement water slurryconcrete roof deck system provides the contractor with the

Our recommendations when structural lightweight concrete decks are going to be installedtypes of deck flooring woods is to either install a ballasted roofing assembly or to install a vapor barrier directly over the structural lightweight deck and then mechanically fasten at least one layer of roof insulation to the deck.

We have installed a metal deck for a roof system on which the engineer has specified a lightweight concrete composite systemWe have installed a vented metal deckingtypes of deck flooring woods but the engineer has requested that solid metal decking be used.

The use of lightweight concrete as a roof decking and insulation system has expanded in the past five yearsIncreased usage can be attributed to the recent industry wide insulation shortages and delamination deficiencies.

SUBMITTAL SHEET USG R o o n g Solutions USG SECUROCK BRAND GYPSUM CONCRETE PATCH (FORMERLY PYROFILL ) Great for repairing poured in place roof decks such as gypsum roof decks and lightweight insulating

The roof deck is the backbone and an integral component of all roofing systemsIts main function is to provide structural support for the roof system andtypes of deck flooring woods thereforetypes of deck flooring woods is a building element that needs to be designed by a licensed design professional because proper support of the roofing above is critical to the roof systems success.

Cellucrete Corpprovides lightweight insulating concrete systems for roof deckstypes of deck flooring woods engineered fill applications and floor fill installations.

ROOF DECKING We are approved applicators of Elastizell Composite Insulating Light Weight Concrete Roof Decks that are superior to rigid board systemsIn the past

And it all starts with the roof deckLightweight insulating concrete systems use cellular concrete with or without expanded aggregatetypes of deck flooring woods such as vermiculite or

Siplast Lightweight Insulating Concrete Systems combine the unique properties of lightweight insulating concrete and Insulperm premium expanded polystyrene foam insulation board.

Often times lightweight insulating concrete roof decking is less expensive than traditional board stock insulationNot to mentiontypes of deck flooring woods it also acts as a fire barrier and saves you money by conserving energy in utility costs.

General Requirements Each of the two types of cementitious decks included in this category has different characteristics and performance properties Designers shall consider the properties desired from a particular lightweight insulating concrete roof decktypes of deck flooring woods and consult the deck manufacturer s specifications for design recommenda

The Schundler Company ROOF INSULATIONPerlite concrete roof deck insulation is an ideal base for built up and single ply roofing systemsa lightweight

Beneath the roof covertypes of deck flooring woods structural concrete roof decks are commonly topside insulated using adhered insulation panels or cast in place lightweight insulating concreteStructural Concrete Composite Deck A supported steel panel deck system filled with normal weight or structural lightweight concrete.

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