How to build a shed under a deckThe following youtube video covers some important factors to consider when building such a deckI used dsmax to model my deck and shed.

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The roof will be a few inches under the deck and will be hard to get roofing onto itSome others suggested building the roof on the floor and then hinge it to a wall and swing it upI am planning on a flat roof as a peaked roof won t look right under a deck and won t give me the storage height I need.

Designing my deck with only postscost to build deck above ground pool allowed plenty of space for a shedThe first stage of building my shed was to build the roof within the joists of the deckThis stage took a long time and a bunch of thought.

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I want to enclose underneath my deck but need to deal with frost pushing up on the wallsI have a deck off my house that overhangs my drivewayIt s about off the ground and the driveway is paved right under itI m in the process of replacing all the flooring and railings on the deck and plan

Converting the empty area under your deck is a great way to provide additional storage for the bulky furniturecost to build deck above ground pool grill and other odd sized items that make outdoor living such fun and storage such a

Building a storage shed under a deck is one tough jobStorage Sheds need to be built very carefullyFor building a shed under a deckcost to build deck above ground pool you can screw sheets of corrugated metal or fibreglass roofing to the furring strips.

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