Ways to Add Outdoor Seating Set framing square and straightedge to height of riser and width of stair treadHow to Build Deck Stairs.

How to Build a Deck Wood Stairs and Stair RailingsThey have risers (also called toe kicks)laminated marine teak dock deck treads and railingsThis deck will have treads made of

Attach risers to stringers with inch decking screwsHow to Build Deck Stairsfor used a stair treads

Risers are boards installed on end to cover the vertical spaces between the treadsRisers are often made of by materiallaminated marine teak dock deck fascia boardlaminated marine teak dock deck or deckingA stair tread is the width (or depth) of a single stair run.

Risers can either be enclosed or left openlaminated marine teak dock deck as in deck stairs or basement stairsTread The tread is the horizontal section of each stairlaminated marine teak dock deck sometimes called the runThis is the section that the user steps on.

Before getting into deck stair defectslaminated marine teak dock deck lets look at how DCA recommends that stairs should be builtlaminated marine teak dock deck starting with the stringerslaminated marine teak dock deck riserslaminated marine teak dock deck treadslaminated marine teak dock deck landingslaminated marine teak dock deck and the components that support them (Figure ).

When finishing stairs while building a new decklaminated marine teak dock deck be sure that treads and risers face the correct way and fit properlyAvoid having treads and risers shift w

Standard Stair Tread Dimensions Here is a ding detailing our standard stair tread and riser dimensionsThese dimensions may be useful when laying out a staircase or if you have general questions about the size and shape of a traditional tread or a retro tread.

Pencil Paper Stringer Layoutless than the number of risersIf your stairs have the top tread level with the deck floor then the number of treads is equal to

When planning a stairwell for your outdoor decklaminated marine teak dock deck stair treads and risers are something you will need to consider before you pull out the hammer and nails and start buildingNot only will you need to know how to properly lay out the risers and treadslaminated marine teak dock deck you will need to choose a material that is

Stairs Wood Riser StairsStair risers are cut from x materialStair treads are made from deck board material.

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