Concrete Structures (NZ) Ltd is located in Rotoruacomposite decking tiles uk only New ZealandTheir services include the manufacturecomposite decking tiles uk only delivery and erection of concrete products for construction.

TiltUp Tiltup Prestressed and Precast Concrete is a Kiwi owned business that is locally operated in the Bay of Plenty regionPrecast wall panels

The home was constructed using a concrete sandwich panel building methodNZ Builders composite decking tiles uk only concrete contractorcomposite decking tiles uk only used Concrete Insulated Panels (CIP) to complete the Wain Road projectCIPs are made up of concrete bread with an insulation filling.

New Zealand construction industryThe ideal solution for large floor spansAustralasian leader in precast concrete productsBridge BeamsEconomic and

Wilco is one of a handful of precast companies which have been certified by Precast NZfor precast wall panelsThis is a result of the Ch precast concrete

Precast systems with insulation in the middle of the panels mean that the thermal mass is available to contribute to the comfortable living environment in the home and the exterior is a robust concrete surface.

Precast concrete balconies are usually purpose built to tie in with the particular concrete flooring systemBalconies are produced under factory conditions and are made to suit the client s requirements and to match floor and finishes depths.

Thermomass is the industry leader in insulated prefabricated concrete panel technology Backed by years of experiencecomposite decking tiles uk only Thermomass is the industry leader in concrete sandwich wall technology allowing New Zealand architects and designers to create walls that increase energy efficiencycomposite decking tiles uk only durability and performance.

Litecrete (NZ) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wilco Precast Ltdcomposite decking tiles uk only the premier precast concrete manufacturer for residential and commercial construction projects throughout the Greater Auckland regionOur products set the standards and lead the way in lightweight precast components and systems.

Rules applying to design of concrete structures in New ZealandApplies to all types of concrete construction including prestressedcomposite decking tiles uk only precastcomposite decking tiles uk only in situcomposite decking tiles uk only and all elements including beams columns wallscomposite decking tiles uk only panelscomposite decking tiles uk only floors etc.

Busck Prestressed Concrete is one of New Zealands largest manufacturers of Precast Prestressed concrete productsOriginally established in Whangarei in composite decking tiles uk only the business has gradually grown from a small local supplier into a national company with five manufacturing branches strategically spread across the North and South Islands.

Concrete precast methods were pioneered in the US early in the th centuryThe New Zealand industry is well developed and generally acknowledged as a world leaderThere are good supplies of the materials and technology in most parts of the country.

Design of precast concrete must comply with the relevant New Zealand StandardsThis is normally undertaken by suitably qualified and experienced engineerscomposite decking tiles uk only although Precast NZ members may offer design input for some specialist products such as prestressed floor systems.

BGC Precast Concrete supplies precast products to the WA building and construction industries including Hollowcore Flooringcomposite decking tiles uk only Wall Panelscomposite decking tiles uk only Beams and Columns and Other Products.

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