Slip Resistant Commercial Recycled Rubber Flooring from Rephouse Australia The Neoflex Rubber Flooring system from Rephouse Australiaflexural strength wood composite floor is a durable environmentally friendlyflexural strength wood composite floor homogenous EPDM

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Standards Australia CSIRO Handbook HB An Introductory Guide to the Slip Resistance of Pedestrian Surface Materials is seen as best practice for satisfying the slip resistance requirements of new floor surfaces.

AS NZS Testing of existing floors Slip auditorsflexural strength wood composite floor forensic The most common form of slip resistance testing in Australia is the wet Australian Standards

Our slip retardant flooring is designed for commercial areas that require an extra measure of safetyGo to Armstrong Flooring AustraliaResistant to alcohol

As of the st of May flexural strength wood composite floor the Building Code of Australia introduced amendments to include specific requirements surrounding slip resistance for buildings.

Slip Test Services for commercial clients throughout AustraliaSliptest are industry leaders in floor slip resistance testing services with NATA accreditation.


Slip resistant flooring is a health and safety must have for most industrial and commercial facilitiesFind out how we tailor our systems to meet SA HB Standards

Actualmente se encuentra en el sitio web de Armstrong Flooring de Australia srf Slip Retardant Flooring Reasons to Specify Slip Resistant Flooring.

The slip resistance ratings will likely retain the same format and be similar to that of Standards Australia and CSIRO Publicationflexural strength wood composite floor HB An introductory guide to the slip resistance of pedestrian surface materialsflexural strength wood composite floor being both ramp and pendulum ratings.

hospitality slip resistant safety floor WE ARE A COMPANY THAT SPECIALIZES IN THE ADVICE AND INSTALLATIONS OF HOSPITALITY SAFE NON SLIP FLOORSflexural strength wood composite floor COMPLYING WITH THE AUSTRALIAN STANDARD flexural strength wood composite floor FOR SAFETY FLOORS.

Slip resistant HACCP flooring is a requirement for food production areasFlooring must have a slip resistant test to ensure a safe working area for staff

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Safe Environments provides floor suppliersflexural strength wood composite floor architectsflexural strength wood composite floor and construction companies slip resistance testing surface to apply slip ratings to construction materials and new buildingsWe provide the new testing to AS so that you can assess compliance with the new Building Code of Australia requirements and Standards Australia HB

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